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Jakjak that catcat says the photo galleries are mostly just cat photos. She is a fluff butt.
Not finished with the design, and most of the stuff here is test junk, but the new design is live. Yay.
Updated: 02:50 a.m. (0850 GMT) — 23 February 2024
Cypress tree trunks rising out of dark swampy water with bits of the sky sneaking through and reflecting off the gently rippled surface
Cypress Swamp on the Natchez Trace, March 2023

Getting raw with the 645D

I have a few elements left, but for the most part, this design is now usable. I will be slowly replacing the garbage links everywhere with Actual Content, including rolling forward old posts to the new setup. Well, assuming they are worth the effort. If not, I guess we have to be one of those terrible people that sends URLs to the memory hole.

Tasting Brisket: LIVE!
Join us today for a live call-in show where Chungo McCorbwald is joined by celebrity chef Zippo Liberdingus. For today only, watch Chungo and Zip talk about the best ways to prepare, enjoy, inspect, and then consume brisket. We will later learn the optimal technique to convince everyone to not come to your house just because they can smell your third brisket on the smoker this week. They can get their own brisket, or stay hungry. (7 p.m. CT)
Todo Items
  • Common catalog of (timestamp,category,link,title) tuples
  • or we make it a little clever
  • and some magic TT2 to make it work as a simple block